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Retirement Income Generator

The rule of thumb is to use 4% of your savings each year in retirement, but there are a few problems with that equation. Not everybody has enough saved and as a consequence 4% is not enough. People need to generate a lot more than 4% return on their investments to fund their retirements. Ideally, if we can put our money into a high yielding savings account, that would solve all our problems. Except, what qualifies as high yielding account today has hardly any yield.

One Percent Options has created a trading strategy designed to generate at least 1% return each month.


High Yield Return

As we said earlier, 4% return may be enough for most investors. Even high yielding bonds and stocks with high dividends don’t usually generate more then 4-6%. Our goal is to generate at least 1% yield like return on the investment every month. These monthly returns are realized each month and can be withdrawn or reinvested. Generating 12% return annually gives our customers great flexibility and potential to even grow their investments in retirement.


Covered Calls Strategy

One Percent Options strategy is simple enough. Our system scans the market for covered call trading opportunities where we can generate a potential return of 2-3% in 30 day or less. On the expiration day we either roll the call forward or let it expire. Either way we make money. Our signals only lose money when the stock price has a sizeable loss. In which case we either sell another call or just sell the stock and take a loss.


Low Risk Investments

No trading in the stock or options market can be characterized as low risk. Please do your own due diligence and consult financial professionals before making any trades. But if there is a trading strategy that has a relatively low risk it is selling covered calls. The premium we collect when we sell our calls gives us some cushion in case stock price goes down.  Furthermore, most of the trades we recommend are “in the money calls”. These trades therefore have additional layer of protection for the stock price to go down. And finally, since we only hold each call for about 30 days, chances of stock having a major price depreciation is that much smaller.


Options Trading Signals

Our trading system generates on average 5-10 calls per week, and you can see the samples of our signals below. You can receive our signals via email or Telegram app. Do not make trades based on the information we publish without first researching the stock and consulting your financial advisor. Please do your own due diligence and only risk the funds you could afford to lose.


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Disclaimer: All information published on this site, and trading signals generated by our site are for information purposes only. It should not be treated as an investment advice. Trading and especially options trading carries significant risk. Please talk to your investment advisor before making any investment or trading decisions. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any data we rely on and published by our site. We rely on third party data publishers for our data and quality of the data is not guaranteed nor verified. Therefore any market scans and trading signals published by our site could be erroneous. Please do your own research before investing and do not invest funds you are not prepared to lose.