Make 1% Return Every Month With Options

There are many investors looking for yield. Options trading offers a relatively low risk income generating strategies. Every day we scan the market for trading opportunities.We publish trading ideas that can generate at least 1% return every month. There is always risk in trading stocks and options. Our In The Money Covered Call Strategy finds potential trades that can generate high, yield like return on the monthly basis while trying to optimize risk.

To receive our trading signals in real time, please register and subscribe to our services. We publish on average 5-10 signals per week.In addition to the signals our subscribers have access to view our trading account and are able to monitor all our trades in that account in real time. Our subscribers also have unlimited access to our Market Scanner, as well as 24 hour support.

Disclaimer: All information published on this site, and trading signals generated by our site are for information purposes only. It should not be treated as an investment advice. Trading and especially options trading carries significant risk. Please talk to your investment advisor before making any investment or trading decisions. Additionally, we can not guaranty accuracy of any data we rely on and published on our website. We rely on third party data publishers for our data and quality of the data is not guaranteed nor verified. Therefore, any market scans and trading signals published by our website could be erroneous. Please do your own research before investing and do not invest funds you are not prepared to lose.

8% return in 24 days: Buy $TECK for 13.59 sell Feb-21-2020 13 Call for 1.7 for potential profit of 1.11 or 8.17%

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